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A Personal Injury Lawyer Who Makes a Joke

USA Network's newest drama, Suits, is about two men pulling the biggest con the legal world has ever seen.


USA Network has done it again. Along with hit series such as White Collar and Covert Affairs, this cable channel has introduced another drama that deserves a gold star: Suits. It’s about a high-powered attorney and an ex-druggie with perfect recall pulling the biggest con in New York City.

Two Lawyers. One Degree.

Harvey Specter is New York City’s best closer and he knows it. Witty, arrogant, and bold, Harvey knows what he wants and will cross almost any line to see that he wins his case. He’s just been promoted to senior partner and needs an associate. Tired of the Harvard yuppies, he decides to hire Mike Ross, who stumbles into Harvey’s interview room after a failed attempt at drug dealing. Mike impresses Harvey with his vast knowledge about the law and Harvey takes a chance because he sees potential in this pothead who has hit rock bottom.

There’s one small problem, however. Mike doesn’t have a law degree. In fact, he lost his scholarship and dropped out of college after getting caught selling a math test to another student. Since then he’s been doing side jobs and getting high. But Harvey doesn’t play by the rules; he wants Mike and he won’t let a trivial matter like a law degree stand in his way.


Once Mike becomes an associate under Harvey the real fun begins. Off the weed and ready to prove himself, Mike infiltrates one of New York’s finest law firms. Convincing everybody he’s graduated from Harvard is one thing; winning cases, however, is an even bigger challenge. These two have a chemistry that leaves the viewer laughing and impatiently waiting for the next episode. Mike’s empathy with others is the ingredient that high-powered attorney Harvey lacks. Together they make one stellar lawyer.

The Characters

The supporting cast lends to the wit and humor found in Suits.

There’s Jessica Pearson, Harvey’s boss, and partner at Pearson Harden. She tries to keep Harvey in line and ethically honest. Although it doesn’t always work, Jessica stands by her top closer, no matter how loose and fast Harvey plays with his cases.

Then there’s Louis Litt. A junior partner, he is the lawyer everybody loves to hate. His spiteful, vindictive nature makes him the perfect antithesis for Harvey. He makes life difficult for Mike; but no matter what Louis throws at him, Mike always has a comeback and gets the job done. Although he might be the butt of Harvey’s jokes, in the end, Louis shouldn’t be underestimated. Jaded for losing the promotion to Harvey, Louis just might find out Mike's dirty little secret.

And of course, no show is complete without the love interest. Rachel Zane is the top paralegal at Pearson Harden. She saves Mike’s neck on more than one occasion, earning his respect and admiration. She’s witty, tough, and beautiful: everything Mike needs as a guide in the concrete jungle that is New York City.

Together these characters create a show that redeems America’s degraded opinion of lawyers.

A Must-See Summer Drama

Whether you love Harvey’s intense wit and sarcasm or Mike’s quirky personality this show is a must-see for summer. Suits has everything for the contemporary viewer, whether you’re 50 or 18, and there’s no denying that this show is one to watch. Thursday nights at 10/9 central is the time for finding out what's it's like to be (or pretend to be) a lawyer in New York City. 

By: David McCollum